4 key tips to safe-proof your home for your children!

Every year, millions of children are hospitalised because of accidents around the home. That coffee table you just HAD to buy suddenly becomes a danger hazard and those curtains you love? You just know they’re going to get dragged down at some point!

But there is good news – you can easily lower those odds by thoroughly child-proofing your home, and here we list five ways in which you can do so!

1)     Spotting trouble

Keep an eye out for anything pointy, slippery, or potentially dangerous. Any remote risks may need to be removed from the home (or at least covered up) until your child is a bit taller. For furniture with sharper edges, it would be wise to invest in some bumpers. They may not look great, but they’re worth it!

2)     Lock up

Children are extremely curious. Turn your back for even a moment, and they’re up to something! To keep your home safe, it would be wise to lock everything down – and we mean everything!

3)     Reduce hazards

Check around your home for loose cords or wires. Curtain pulls and electrical cords, in particular, can be a problem and should be tucked away or tied down securely. It’s imperative that all electrical outlets are covered up too, in case your ultra-curious child starts poking around and finds out the hard way.

4)     Clean, clean and clean again

To maintain the safeness of your home, you would be wise to create and stick to a regular cleaning schedule! Check the floor often for anything that might have been dropped or items that may have slid under the furniture, because even the smallest of objects can represent a choking hazard to young children.