How to deal with all of your friends graduating this summer!

At the start of the year, living with a bunch of third years sounded like a GREAT idea. They’re far more mature than your year group, you get on well and the year has been AMAZING.

However, they’re all about to graduate. What do you do next year? Who do you hit Osborne Road with every night!?

Don’t panic, disgruntled second year – Mansons has you covered!


1)     Make more of an effort with your course mates

This one may seem simple, but if you’ve made friends away from your course then it is definitely worth paying attention too.

Coursemates are the only people in the university going through EXACTLY what you’re going through and that comes in VERY handy towards the end of the year!

2)     Brace for the Inevitable

You can promise your friends all you want that you’ll stay in touch after they graduate, but the reality is that won’t happen.

Full-time jobs and adult life get in the way – leaving a distinct possibility that you’ll be all alone next year. The best way to combat this is to prepare for that inevitable separation, make new friends and absolutely SMASH final year!

3)     Enjoy the Peace

Saying goodbye to friends can be sad – but there’s always a silver lining. The majority of graduates move out when the term ends in May, meaning you usually have an additional six weeks of FREE HOUSE bliss!

So there you go, Newcastle-based students – follow these steps and you’ll be in a perfect position come your own graduation ceremony next year!