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Letting and Estate Agents Covering Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Based in Jesmond, Mansons are letting and estate agents covering the whole of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Clients use our estate agency to buy, sell, let or rent properties throughout the North East of England. We are particularly experienced in the letting sector where we support our clients with a complete range of property management services. These services extend into all surrounding areas including Gosforth, Heaton and Kenton.

Established in 2001, it has always our long-term vision to develop an industry-leading brand of service for the people of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In an age where the buying, selling, letting and renting of properties has become a highly competitive arena, our estate agents deliver the highest standards of service by finding perfect homes for tenants and optimising value within property assets for landlords.

The estate agents at Mansons understand that our clients in Newcastle-upon-Tyne may have emotional and physical demands when they involve themselves in any type of property transaction. We have a highly skilled, trained and experienced team that alleviates the stress associated with buying, selling, leasing and renting properties by offering professional support and first-class client service.

Landlord Services from our Letting and Estate Agents

Our estate agents are particularly experienced in helping landlords from the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. At Mansons, we see it as our duty to match landlords up with the perfect tenants in a studious manner that makes each transaction as simple and as hassle-free as possible. We assist with online advertising, obtaining tenant references, managing deposits and setting up standing orders for ongoing rent payments.

Once we have found suitable tenants for your Newcastle-upon-Tyne property, we provide ongoing management services that include monthly rent collections, periodic spot-checks and the full management of maintenance and repair work. Our letting and estate agents can even assist at the end of a rental period by managing tenant checkouts, ensuring your property is left in an orderly state of repair before returning deposits.

If you are a landlord with a property to rent in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, contact our estate agents today for further help and advice. We provide free consultations for our clients without obligation. Mansons are also available to help prospective tenants throughout the North East in finding the ideal home. Call us now on (0191) 209 2222 or email us at


Letting and Estate Agents Based in Jesmond

Mansons are an experienced team of letting and estate agents based in Jesmond, an affluent residential suburb of Newcastle-upon-Tyne where we buy, sell, rent and let properties for our growing client network. The letting sector is an area where our company has extensive experience. Our estate agents assist landlords in Jesmond by finding suitable tenants and providing high-end property management services.

We’ve always had a long-term vision to build our own unique brand of service and since our inception in 2001, our estate agents have already helped thousands of clients in the Jesmond area. We realise that we have a vital role to play in optimising the value of property assets for landlords and, at the same time, our estate agents always uphold their duties in helping tenants to find the right home.

There are understandable physical and emotional demands in play whenever a client is involved in a property transaction, irrespective of whether they are looking to rent out a property or move into a new home in Jesmond. By providing exceptional support and the finest standards of service, our letting and estate agents minimise the stress and hassle typically associated with the modern property market.

Helping Landlords and Tenants in Jesmond

The estate agents at Mansons have experience in bringing landlords and tenants together in a way that makes the entire transaction simpler. For landlords in Jesmond, we can put their properties online to attract more interest from prospective tenants, obtain references from interested parties and manage the setting up of deposits and monthly rent payments, which are usually collected through a standing order.

Mansons remain on-board to ensure rent is paid on time. We also conduct periodic spot-checks to ensure tenants are taking suitable care of properties. Should any ongoing maintenance and repair work be required, we can assist with that as well. Our estate agents can even help landlords and tenants in Jesmond at the end of an agreement by managing checkouts and the return of deposits once the property has undergone a final inspection.

If you own a property in Jesmond and would like us to match you up with high quality tenants looking for homes in the area, contact our estate agents now. All consultations are provided without obligation. If you’re a tenant looking for somewhere to live, we can help you too! We’ve already assisted thousands of customers throughout the North East. Call us now on (0191) 209 2222 or email us at


Renting and Letting Properties in Gosforth with our Estate Agents

Mansons are a team of letting and estate agents based in Jesmond. Covering all areas within Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Gosforth is just one of many locations where we provide help for those looking to rent or let properties. Since starting out in 2001, we have assisted thousands of prospective tenants in finding new homes. We have also assisted a similar number of landlords in helping them optimise the value in their property assets.

For landlords in Gosforth, our estate agents help to find tenants by comprehensively marketing properties online. We also look for suitable tenant matches amongst our large client database. Mansons handle all interviews and we have a detailed referencing service to ensure all prospective tenants are screened for suitability. We’ll even arrange the securement of deposits and the set-up of rent collections on your behalf.

Our estate agents also provide a full range of ongoing landlord and property management services. Once your property in Gosforth has been rented out, we’ll ensure rents are collected on time. Our estate agency will also manage all ongoing maintenance and repair tasks for you. At the end of a tenancy, we’ll even handle the tenant checkout, inspect your property and assist your tenants in reclaiming their deposit.


Our Estate Agents Help Tenants in Gosforth Too!

The estate agents at Mansons are also available to match prospective tenants in Gosforth with high quality properties at rates that fairly reflect current market conditions. We can provide collateral that helps you determine your budget and identify exactly what you’d like to gain from a new home. Important factors such as parking, local amenities, transport links and room space are all taken into consideration.

Having gained a clear idea of the type of property you are looking for, our estate agents will place you on a database that immediately alerts us as soon as suitable properties in the Gosforth area become available. Mansons handle all liaisons with the landlord independently so that you can concentrate your efforts on your forthcoming move, subject to us obtaining references, a deposit and an initial rent payment.

We’ll continue helping you throughout your tenancy by working with you and with your landlord whenever issues arise. Having already helped thousands of landlords and tenants in Gosforth already, our estate agents are now available to provide free, no-obligation consultations for new clients. Call us now on (0191) 209 2222 or email us at for further help and advice.


Our Estate Agents Rent and Let Properties in Sandyford

Based in Jesmond and covering all locations in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, Mansons are letting and estate agents who provide dedicated services for a wide, diverse portfolio of clients throughout Sandyford. Established in 2001, we help landlords to optimise the value of their properties. For the many tenants on our books, our estate agents help in finding the most suitable properties in the Sandyford area.

Our landlord services begin with strategic online advertising where thousands of prospective tenants will be able to view your property. We also give our existing subscribers alerts if your Sandyford property has the features that they are looking for. Our estate agents conducts interviews on your behalf and we help you and your tenants in obtaining references, organising deposits and setting up standing orders for rent collection.

Once we have moved your tenants in, Mansons provide ongoing support with a full range of property management services that ensure prompt rent payments are received. We periodically inspect properties and arrange for any maintenance and repair work to be undertaken by approved contractors. Our estate agents even assist when tenants are ready to checkout by inspecting properties in Sandyford to ensure they are left in good condition.

Our Estate Agents Help Tenants in Sandyford

If you are a tenant looking for a home in the Sandyford area, our estate agents can match you up with premium properties at prices that fairly reflect the current marketplace. We’ll help you in establishing a suitable budget and determine exactly what it is that you expect from a new home. If you need parking space, access to local amenities or good transport links, we’ll ensure all properties that we recommend meet your criteria.

With a clearer idea of the type of home you wish to rent, our estate agents will instantly notify you as soon as matching properties in the Sandyford area come on the market. To make the entire transaction as simple as possible, we deal with landlords on your behalf so that you can focus on the move ahead. This includes helping you organise references, making an initial deposit and setting up rent payments through standing order.

While your tenancy is ongoing, the estate agents at Mansons continue to act as intermediates between you and your landlord. We’ve already matched thousands of landlords and tenants in the Sandyford area together and played a pivotal role in successful transactions throughout the entire Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. For free, no-obligation consultations, call now on (0191) 209 2222 or email us at


Property Rental and Estate Agents in Heaton

Mansons are trusted rental and estate agents who have been assisting property owners, landlords, buyers and tenants since 2001. Covering the whole of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, our company already has a large number of clients in east end suburb of Heaton. Our portfolio includes property owners who are looking for respectable, vetted tenants to rent out their building and individuals who are looking for desirable homes.

For landlords in Heaton, our estate agents can help in finding suitable tenants irrespective of whether you plan to manage your own property or if you would rather we take care of all maintenance requirements on your behalf. Our tenant-finding service includes:

- Strategic Marketing of the Property

- Finding Suitable Tenants from our Current Database

- Conducting Thorough Referencing

- Interviewing Prospective Tenants

Fully Managed Services

The estate agents at Mansons can manage property rentals in the Heaton area on behalf of landlords who don’t have the time available to negotiate the minefield of private rentals. In addition to finding the most suitable tenants, Mansons can take deposits and organise standing orders so that monthly rents can be paid on time.

We’ll arrange for the required electrical and gas safety inspection to be made, perform regular inspections to ensure your property is being cared for and manage all maintenance and repair work should you need us to do so. Landlords in Heaton also have the reassuring option of our estate agents providing a rent guarantee. We’ll even manage the checkout process when the time comes for a tenant to vacate your property.

Helping Tenants in Heaton

Mansons have been helping prospective tenants to find the right properties in Heaton for fifteen years. It’s important for tenants that they can rely on their estate agents. We promise that while you’re on our database, we’ll always be actively searching for a suitable property. Once we find you a new home, we’ll always be at hand to help with any issues or problems you may have.

We believe that our tenants are just as important as our landlords. By maintaining strong communication links between property owners and those who rent them, our team can help in resolving any awkward or difficult issues that arise. This is why tenants in the Heaton area continually express the satisfaction in our estate agents and our services.


A Tenants Guide to our Estate Agents in Kenton

Mansons have been helping prospective tenants throughout Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Northumberland since 2001. We currently have landlords in the Kenton area of the city who are looking for new tenants to move into desirable properties. Our estate agents have been bringing landlords and tenants together for fifteen years and during this time, we’ve learned how to serve them all with the standards of client care they deserve.

One of the biggest benefits we offer tenants is the chance to hear about properties in Kenton as soon as they come on the market. Once you have registered with our estate agents, we place you on a database that contains information on what you are looking for in a property. As soon as that type of property becomes available, we alert the most suitable tenants before we begin our usual online marketing campaign.

By receiving advance notice on vacancies at the earliest stage, the chances of finding a suitable property are increased. Instead of having search for a new home in Kenton yourself, our estate agents will always notify you the moment a perfect match becomes available.

Ongoing Support from our Estate Agents

Prospective tenants in Kenton receive ongoing support from our estate agents throughout the entire rental process. We’ll conduct your initial interview, help you in obtaining the references needed for acceptance and meet you at convenient times for viewing. Once we have helped you find a property that you like, we’ll set up a holding account for the initial deposit and assist you in organising a standing order for your rent payments.

Once you have moved into a new property in the Kenton area, we’ll be at hand to resolve any issues that arise between you and your landlord. Our estate agents provide fully managed services and if the property owner has chosen to use them, we will be able to arrange prompt maintenance and repair services as soon as problems occur.

We’re even here to assist you when you move out. Our estate agents can help Kenton tenants reclaim their deposits by providing a fast final inspection after checkout.


About our Estate Agents in Benton

Mansons are letting and estate agents covering the whole of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area. Benton is just one of the many districts that we cover. We already have an enviable reputation in the lettings market which has been built over the past fifteen years through the hard work of our friendly, helpful staff. If you are considering renting or letting a property in Benton, here are few things to know about our estate agents.

We are based in Jesmond. While our estate agents can assist with the buying and selling of properties in Benton, much of the work that we do is built around property rentals and the management of those properties once they have been occupied. Mansons have been providing these services since 2001 and our principal aim is to always deliver high standards of services that benefit landlords and tenants equally.

It is our vision of fairness and equality that have helped us develop our own outstanding reputation. The attention to detail our estate agents put into our services have seen thousands of clients find new homes in the Benton area.

An Understanding and Client-Focused Service

Our experience as estate agents has helped us build a strong understanding of the physical and mental stresses associated with traditional property rentals. We help to alleviate difficulties by providing partially or fully managed services for property owners in Benton. Unlike private rental agreements, our services act as a conduit between the landlord and the tenant. This allows us to eliminate problems and issues as they arise.

To help landlords and tenants, we assist in matching up the right people with the right properties. Our estate agents can meet prospective tenants at properties in Benton for viewings and, should they wish to take an enquiry further, we can assist with interviewing the tenant and organising references. We’ll even help with arranging the initial deposit and with setting up monthly rent payments by standing order.

Once a tenant has moved in, we continue to help by ensuring payments are made on time. Our estate agents can periodically check the condition of properties and, if you choose our fully managed services, we can organise any maintenance and repair work as the need arises. Landlords and tenants in the Benton area even receive help with the checkout process at the end of a tenancy – a service very few estate agents provide.

Want to chat about your property? Call 01536 510060


What to Expect from our Estate Agents in Spital Tongues

If you have been looking to let or rent a property in the Spital Tongues area of Newcastle, the estate agents at Mansons can help. We already have landlords on our books who have properties for rent in this desirable historic area. The unusual name of Spital Tongues is derived from a corruption of the word ‘hospital’ while ‘tongues’ refers to outlying land. Two such tongues were presented to St Mary Magdalene Hospital by Edward I.

For landlords in Spital Tongues who are looking for desirable tenants, we have an equally impressive portfolio. The role of our letting and estate agents is to bring landlords and tenants together. We do this with a range of fully or partially managed services that set us apart from other estate agents in the area

For Landlords

- We market Spital Tongues properties using online resources

- Our estate agents also match you with suitable tenants on our database

- Tenant interviews and referencing can be conducted by our team

- We are happy to manage all viewings on your behalf

- Manson organise all deposits and standing orders for our database of landlords

- Gas and electrical safety inspections can be arranged

- Rent guarantees are provided for your reassurance and peace of mind

- Our estate agents periodically inspect all properties in Spital Tongues

- If required, we can manage all maintenance and repair work

- We’ll even assist with client checkouts at the end of an agreement

For Tenants

We’ll only match you up with the most suitable properties in Spital Tongues

- You’ll hear from our estate agents before properties hit the general market

- Tenants deal directly with Mansons to make the rental process easier

- We’ll assist you in setting up rent payments and making a deposit

- Our estate agents will help resolve issues between you and your landlord

- Mansons only deal in desirable properties that our tenants deserve

- Our estate agents ensure all properties are safe for occupation

- We can source properties in Spital Tongues and all surrounding areas

- Maintenance and repair services are provided on fully managed properties


A Landlords Guide to our Estate Agents in Tynemouth

Tynemouth is one of the many areas in Tyne and Wear that our estate agents cover. Mansons have been helping in the buying, selling, renting and letting of properties since 2001. In this time, we’ve built a strong understanding of the services our clients expect. This is particularly true of landlords in the Tynemouth area who are looking for reputable estate agents to match them up with desirable tenants.

We offer property owners a choice of full or partially managed services. We realise the financial benefits of letting a property are tempered by the many responsibilities landlords have to incur. Our role as estate agents is to ensure property owners in Tynemouth meet their legal obligations to tenants. At the same time, we ensure tenants uphold their end of the agreement by paying rent on time and keeping the property in good condition.

To inspire confidence amongst landlords in the Tynemouth area, Mansons are accredited to some of the industry’s most credible and respected bodies:

- The Guild of Property Professionals

- The UK Association of Letting Agents

- The Property Ombudsman

Membership to these organisations have helped Mansons to maintain their position in the constantly-changing property letting landscape. Our team consists of highly trained staff who operate within industry guidelines to the highest standards.

What to Expect from our Estate Agents

If you own a property in Tynemouth, our estate agents can assist you by finding vetted and referenced tenants from our expansive database. Even if you only choose our partially managed services, we’ll still help in arranging viewings and organising the required deposit and rent should a tenant wish to move into your property. Mansons provide rent guarantees so you always receive what’s due to you on time.

If you use fully managed services from our estate agents, you’ll never need to take time out of your busy schedule when problems arise. We have our own network of trusted contractors in the Tynemouth area who can attend to all maintenance and repair work on your behalf. We’ll never give the go-ahead for work without your approval and our arrangements with local contractors ensure you’ll always receive fairly-priced services.



Bringing Landlords and Tenants in Ponteland Together

Ponteland is a desirable Northumberland village in close proximity to Newcastle-upon-Tyne where Mansons, your trusted local estate agents, already have a large portfolio of clients. We have been covering the North East of England since 2001 and our role of bringing landlords and tenants together is one that fills us with pride, satisfaction and enthusiasm. Our company provides a wealth of benefits for all service users in the Ponteland area.

If you are looking for carefully vetted tenants, or if you are an individual looking to rent a property in Ponteland, contact our estate agents now. We have an active database that sees new properties and tenants added on a daily basis. By building a clear picture of what a tenant is looking for in a property, we can match them up with the perfect home almost as soon as a property becomes available.

Tenants on our database receive notifications of available properties that suit their needs before we advertise them online. Very few estate agents in the Ponteland area can offer this priority service. Instead of having to join the scramble when homes become available through traditional letting agents, our clients get first pick at the juiciest apples on the tree.

A Reassuring Service for Landlords in Ponteland

Landlords have the option of choosing our estate agents for full or partially managed services. We’ve found that many of our clients in the Ponteland area just don’t have the time to organise viewings, set up deposits and organise rent payments. These are standards features in our service range that all landlords and property owners can benefit from. Mansons even provide rent guarantees so you always get paid on time.

For the safety of your tenants, we can arrange gas and electrical safety inspections. Once your tenant has moved in, our estate agents will provide regular inspections of your Ponteland property to ensure the standards of upkeep and cleanliness are satisfactory. Clients who choose our full package services can also have any maintenance and repair requirements undertaken by our exclusive network of local contractors.

If you have a property to rent in the Ponteland area, our estate agents would love to hear from you. Call Mansons now on (0191) 209 2222 for further help and advice.

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