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Mansons Social September 22, 2020

Getting your home ready for Autumn

There are many ways of getting your home ready for Autumn, but before you do anything to redecorate and make your space cosy, it’s important to give the house a once-over for any structural damage that might get worse as the months get colder. Any drafts or leaks that might have gone unnoticed in the summer will definitely make an appearance and could become much worse very quickly.


Once the house is secure, water-tight and cold weather-ready, it’s time to sort out what’s on the inside.

  1. You’ve heard of spring cleaning, but Autumn decluttering is also a great way of creating more space in your home and getting rid of things you just don’t use. Donate all your unwanted clothes to charity and look through your kitchen cupboards and donate any in-date unwanted food to food banks, where those in need can make use of them.

  2. Create a cosy atmosphere with candles by having a few dotted around the house. Use a good mixture of scented and unscented so you don’t get overwhelmed by dominant scents and make sure they’re in open spaces with nothing close that could catch the flames.

  3. Add new cushions and throws to your bed or sofa is a great way to add texture and transform your space into a cosy oasis. Remember to use red and orange tones to create an autumn vibe.

  4. Updating your curtains and bedspread is also a small way of introducing autumn into your home. Stay away from cool-tones and opt for vibrant colours that bring a feeling of warmth into the room.

What are your favourite ways of getting ready for autumn in your home?

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Getting your home ready for Autumn