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3 ways to pack your car effectively and efficiently before your commute home from Newcastle

3 ways to pack your car effectively and efficiently before your commute home from Newcastle

Mansons Social Mansons 31st May 2017

It’s quite possibly the saddest time of the student calendar. The year is over, and you are moving back from the vibrant nightlife of Newcastle to the boring, pub quiz ambiance of your home village in the middle of nowhere and morale has never been so low.

So, having to pack your increasingly small car with ALL of your things is the last thing you want to do – particularly after a heavy end of year night with your course mates.

So how can you pack your car efficiently? Well, Mansons has three top tips for storing your University life in a vehicle and still having enough space to breathe – just about anyways!


Donate unwanted goods to local charities!

This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many things you’ll throw out that could prove incredibly valuable to local charity shops in the region!

Basic things like plates and bowls take up a lot of car space and can be very heavy when packed together – getting rid gives you more room to work with, and also allows you the joy of a fresh dinner set when you come back to Newcastle in September!

A few charity shops that could potentially benefit from your unwanted possessions include;

- Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter on Chillingham Road in Heaton 

- St Oswalds' Hospice Shop Jesmond 

- Oxfam Shop Jesmond

2)  Bags not boxes

This can be difficult as boxes offer more security, but using bags where possible is a great way of saving space in the car.

Boxes take up a huge amount of unnecessary space due to their bulky texture – and you can never really fill a box completely!


3)  Make use of every space

Your car has so many hidey-hole's that you really need to take advantage of! Store small appliances down the back of the seat and in the side pockets, sit on your pillows/cushions and lie any flat items (eg. Corkboards and whiteboards) across the boot cover!


There you have it – you are fully prepared to make your way home, enjoy the summer and count down the days until you are back in Newcastle – where this guide may come in very handy yet again!

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