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If you are looking for property to rent in the North East, we are sure to have a property to meet your requirements. Since 2000 we have build an enviable database of rental properties of all types, from stunning city centre apartments to family homes and multiple occupancy student accommodation.
All of the properties that we manage are continuously monitored to ensure that they meet all current mandatory standards and our personal service means that if have any problems with your tenancy, you can be assured that we will help you to resolve it as quickly ad painlessly as possible.
To find your ideal rental property, use the quick search to find relevant details.  If you can’t find what exactly what you’re looking for, get in touch with our dedicated lettings team on 0191 209 2222 or email and we’ll help you to locate a rental property that meets your requirements.

The best way to start you hunt for a rental property is to have a very clear idea of the budget that you can afford to pay on a monthly basis.  Remember that you will need to factor in additional expenses, such as council tax, energy bills, insurance and everyday luxuries like the good old TV license.

Once you have established your budget, you can start thinking hard about what you want from your new home both now and in the years that you will be living there.


Below is a list of some of the things that we believe you should consider when looking for property to rent:

Choosing an Area
It is important to research each particular area before viewing lots of properties there. For example many of the suburbs of Newcastle, i.e. Jesmond, Heaton or Gosforth, differ significantly from each other. Also within each suburb any given street can have a different demographic living in it. Within West Jesmond many of the streets, like Lavender Gardens or Bayswater Road, may now be predominantly student lets while Highbury still remains the domain of professionals and families.
Although the internet is a great tool for searching through a vast quantity of properties and locations, simply touring the area can give you a good idea of what it will actually be like.


Types of Property
To decide what type of property you want you are going to have to ask yourself more questions:

  • Do you want to rent a new or an older house?
  • Do you want a terraced, semi-detached or detached house, or even a flat?

If the answer is a flat, do you want an older style purpose-built flat such as a Tyneside Flat or a modern-purpose built flat or even a period conversion apartment?

Common considerations when researching property to rent are space, privacy, noise, parking, character, transport links and obviously price.

If you would like us to help you find your perfect rental property call us today on 0191 209 2222 or email us at

Need a hand with picking the right property? Call 0191 2092222

What to expect from your letting agent

As an experienced and well established residential letting agents, we know that our first duty to potential tenants is to help you to find a property that is right for you. As a Tenant of a rental property, you need to know that you can rely on your agent to help you to resolve any problems or issues you have with the property. If a you rent a property that is fully managed by Mansons, you can rest assured that we will do all that we can to ensure that your tenancy is a success and that we will be on hand to help you when you need us. At Mansons we consider our obligations to our tenants to be just as important as our obligations to the landlords whose property we manage.  Experience has taught us that happy tenants and landlords are created by good lines of communication between all parties and the regular and timely maintenance and management of the property itself.

If during your property search, you find the agents for a property are awkward or difficult to deal with, it’s likely that attitude will continue if you rent a property that they manage.  Choosing the right property may seem the most important factor for you at this stage, but once you’ve moved in, you’ll find that your attention will turn to how easy it is to live there.

If you would like us to help you find your perfect rental property call us today on 0191 209 2222 or email us at

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