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Selling Your Property

Trusting someone to sell your property is a big deal, both financially and emotionally and we all know the reputation estate agents have earned themselves over the years. We believe that's not us! That's why we are members of, or are regulated by:
    The Guild of Property Professionals
    The Office of fair Trading (OFT)
    The Ombudsmen for Estate Agents (OEA)

Our primary aims are to get you the best price for your property, in a time scale that works for you and to minimize the stress throughout the selling process.
If you want to put your home on the market, then we are the people to attract the right sort of buyers and get your property noticed.
The majority of buyers now start their search online, so the web is vital in exposing your home to a wide audience. We will advertise your property on this website and all major property portals.
We also advertise extensively in local and national press and industry magazines, and are committed to arranging the best coverage for your property. In addition, we produce tailored brochures and particulars that further promote your property to interested parties.
Throughout the sale process, we provide regular contact with a dedicated, professional member of staff, who will keep you informed at every step.

Our service also includes:

Free market appraisal from one of our expert valuers

- No hidden costs
- 'No Sale - No Fee' guarantee
- Protection under the Ombudsman Scheme for Estate Agents 
- We'll match your property details to suitable buyers already registered on our extensive buyer database.
- Prominent regional and national internet coverage on this website,, as well as adding your home to, the UK's No.1 Property website as well as numerous other property portals
- Bespoke property particulars and brochures
- High profile local newspaper adverting in the Journal Home Maker
- Prominent for sale boards
- Managed viewing process - We'll organize and accompany viewings of your home and provide you with regular feedback from viewers


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Choosing the right estate agent

Choosing the right estate agent is critical to the successful sale of your property. Working with a professional agent who has an in-depth understanding and appreciation for the local and regional market place will ensure your property is marketed effectively to the right buyers.

However, selecting an estate agent can be a daunting task, especially with so many to choose from.

Recent research highlights that the general public have difficulties in distinguishing between estate agents and their comparative claims – creating a barrier to both trust and confidence.

Independent estate agents are ideally placed to help you sell your property. They have excellent local and regional knowledge, are recognised and respected in the local communities they serve, and will have developed enviable long-term relationships with local businesses and suppliers.

They are fully responsible and accountable for their actions; their livelihoods depend on the quality of service they provide and their ability to successfully deliver sales at the best possible price.

So how do you ensure that the estate agent you choose will deliver you the expertise and quality of service you require? Choose a member of The Guild of Property Professionals.

As members, all our staff have undergone extensive Guild Certified Training and are committed to continuous professional development.

We also network with our fellow guild members to help market and promote your property across the country to a broader range of clients and a wider market place.

We work with The Guild of Property Professionals to offer practical assistance in regulating the industry and raising the standards of estate agents, our shared focus is on creating a better experience for you.


The Value of your Property

Valuing a property correctly is crucial to the successful sale of your home. Pitch the price too high and your property may compare unfavourably with others at the same price and you risk losing ideal buyers; too low and buyers may question what is wrong with it.

It has been known for some estate agents to over or under-value property for their own financial gain. Agents who over-price properties do so to impress the vendor and win their business. At this point, the seller is then tied in to a contract. Discontentment and frustrations flare when you are then forced to lower your asking price, because the property fails to sell.

It is fully understandable that you will want to achieve the best price for your property, and it is very tempting to ask just that little bit more.

Some less scrupulous agents understand this only too well, and will deliberately over-value your home to win your business. However this can have less than satisfactory consequences for you.

A Professional Estate Agent will have considered several important factors when valuing your property, including; -

- The location and character of your home

- Its features and condition

- The current market price for similar properties in the same location

- The demand for similar property in the market

- Projected market trends and conditions

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Marketing & Exposure

In today’s fast paced and technology driven society, it is essential to market your property in the most effective way with the widest exposure. However, there are still some people who don’t use the Internet as their primary tool, preferring instead to use traditional methods.

We use a mix of marketing media and tools that we tailor to the specific audience most likely to be interested in buying your property.  This includes:

- Extensive internet advertising on our own website and all major property portals

- Email marketing to our database of potential buyers

- Social media marketing

- Newspaper and industry magazine advertising

- Telemarketing to known investors and buyers

- Carefully designed property particulars and brochures

- Bespoke branding for developments and rare properties

- Shop windows both in branch, within the Guild Office on Park Lane, London and within strategic partnership window displays

- Networking with Guild network with our fellow guild members to help market and promote your property across the country to a broader range of clients.

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Presenting your Property for Sale

First impressions really count, as most buyers form an opinion within the first 15 seconds on entering a property Here are some recommendations to maximise the selling potential of your home:

- Place greater emphasis on any unusual or period features

- Sensitively repair or remove any broken or tired looking furniture, fixtures and fittings

- Clean and tidy every room

- Stage key rooms, use props to show how you could best utilise the area to help buyers visualise themselves living there

- Pets can be a turn off for some buyers, so it is a good idea to remove pet hair, their beds and odours from the house

- Unpleasant or strong smells have a negative effect on people; avoid cooking before viewings and it maybe advisable to smoke outside

- The exterior of your home is the first view buyers have of your property; a freshly cut lawn your, tidy garden, well kept plants and an inviting entrance will definitely impress and set the level for the rest of the property - plus your photos will look great.

- It sounds simple, but decorating your home in neutral colours, provides a blank canvass for buyers

- Loud, vibrant colours may be to your taste but to others can be oppressive. Lighter colours reflect more sunlight making rooms feel airy and spacious.

- Remove excess clutter and unnecessary personal items from the floor, shelves and work surfaces.

- Try to arrange viewings when children are at school; too many people in a house can make it appear small and crowded.

- Using props and furnishings such as candles, flowers and paintings, to stage rooms will help to show them off to their best potential.

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Vendors Guide

Mansons Top Ten Tips For Selling Your Home

With the increased usage of a wider variety of media, in particular the World Wide Web, to market each and every property - purchasers are having the opportunity to look at far more properties than they would have done in the past.

In most cases they will have seen a dozen or more properties that fit their criteria before they have even chosen which properties they want to actually view. Not only does this mean that they can be far more choosey, but also that they are more likely to have a figure in mind that a certain type of house or flat is worth.

Here are Mansons tips which any seller should follow before putting their property on the market.

1. Curb Appeal

Everyone knows that first impressions count and the same goes for your home. The front of the property is a good place to start. Trim bushes, tidy up leaves, paint doors and window frames, replace or polish your house number. If you are selling a conversion apartment or flat make sure any drains or guttering are intact as this will be an indication of how well the building is looked after by the management committee.

2. Clean

Your home must be spotless from top to bottom, including the inside and outside of the windows. Again, if in a flat or apartment communal areas must be clean and tidy as this shows where service charge money is being spent.

3. Maintenance

Got peeling wall paper, squeaky floor boards, broken tiles in bathrooms and kitchens?
All these problems and any others, no matter how small, need to be sorted to avoid putting off potential buyers.

4. De-clutter

Although all of the trinkets that you have collected over the years probably have sentimental value and memories attached to them, all they will really serve to do is make rooms look smaller and distract people from visualising living in their new home. Buying a home is an emotional decision; even any political or religious items can put off whole groups of buyers from showing an interest in your house.

5. Neutralise

You need any buyer walking through your property to be able to imagine living there. Any styles or colours which they would not use will just turn them off. Neutral colours sell, as buyers can imagine putting their mark on the property and making it their home.

6. Pets

Not only can buyers viewing your property be scared of animals, they simply may not like them and it is highly likely that any lingering smells will inhibit your home being sold to its full potential.

7. Define each Area

Sell a lifestyle and you will sell your house. Designating what each room is for will help buyers imagine where they can place their own belongings.

8. Lighting

First and foremost make sure that all bulbs are working - after all you want to sell you home in the best light! Mood lighting can also be used to create the right atmosphere for helping buyers to feel at ease and at home.

9. Accessories

By using the right accessories you can enhance each room as well as creating a feeling of unity between each room thus making the accommodation feel more spacious. A bedroom will usually add more value than a study, so if you are currently using the second or third bedroom as a study, which will often happen in Tyneside flats or modern apartments, try and put a bed back in.

10. Price

We all want the best price for our home and it may be tempting to ask a little more. Unfortunately some less scrupulous estate agents are all too aware of this and will deliberately over value your home to gain your instruction. Remember - buyers can spend months looking for the right property and will probably know an overpriced home when they see one and will probably just walk away.

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