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Starting university is a brilliant time for most. The independence, the student loan and the non-stop partying on Freshers week leaves an adrenaline rush that feels as if it will never stop!

However, after a while it can become incredibly easy to begin to miss home – and in particular, your old school friends.

This is NOT a nice feeling – and the only way to combat it is to make new university friends!

Join a Club/Society

Whatever your interest, we can guarantee there is a club or society to suit you at university. Societies are used to catering for novices and are perfect for bedding people in! Furthermore, you already know your fellow society members have at least one common interest, giving you something to talk about and connect upon!

Head out and explore the area

90% of students who visit Newcastle for university aren’t from the area. Therefore, getting together in groups and going to explore our wonderful city is a GREAT way of bonding, making friends and seeing everything Newcastle has to offer.

From the beauty of Jesmond Dene to the history of Hadrian’s Wall, interesting features can be found everywhere – enhancing your Newcastle experience. Basically – DON’T JUST STAY IN YOUR ROOM!

Don’t Try and Reinvent Yourself

Coming to university is a chance to express yourself – but you should never sacrifice your true ideologies, hobbies and interests.

Being yourself is the best way to make friends with common interests – at the end of the day, you’re all strangers in a new city and acting natural is a great way to be at ease with what can be a quite nerve-wracking situation!



A summer filled with anticipation is over and you’ve now arrived at Newcastle or Northumbria – congratulations!

One of the best things about becoming a student is undoubtedly receiving your student loan – quite possibly the largest sum of money you’ve ever had in your bank account at once!

However, all good things come to an end – and student loans are no different. So here are our top tips on how to make your money last for the entire semester.


1)      Plan your spending

Boring, we know. However, planning your spending is a great way to work out where to divide your money up. Essentials such as rent, food and nights out should be put first – everything else can be looked at afterwards!


2)     Select a good bank account

Many banks will offer student bank accounts – but choosing the correct one is integral to making your money last at university.

Some banks will offer interest-free overdrafts of up to £3000 – something which is a HUGE help when costs undoubtedly begin to mount up!


3)     Save on food

Waitrose may be the norm at home – but saving money on food at university is essential to making your money stretch the distance.

Essentials like pasta and beans can be bought in bulk for next to nothing at Asda, Tesco and Lidl – ensuring more money is saved for that wild night on the Diamond Strip you have planned next week!


So there we go – enjoy this year, freshers – it really will be the best time of your lives!


You’ve done it. Months of battling with UCAS, re-drafting your personal statement and revising for A-Levels is over – and you’ve made it into university!

Whether it's Northumbria or Newcastle, you’ve picked the perfect city to study in – and the fun begins with the most exciting, action-packed Freshers week in the country!

So sit back, relax and read on as we take you through our top tips for surviving Freshers in the Toon.


Introduce yourself to EVERYONE

Locking yourself in your halls is one of the WORST things you can do during Freshers Week. Everybody is in the same boat and it’s the perfect time to make new friends for life. If you hear a conversation in the kitchen or a party next door, head on by – Freshers Week is for EVERYONE to enjoy.

Oh, and the taxi fare to the club will be far cheaper when split between more people!


Set up a student bank account

The luxury of a student loan is something that never ceases to amaze during your first year at uni. Suddenly being afforded the luxury of a hefty bank balance is an AMAZING feeling – but sadly, it will run out.

Shopping around for a student bank account is a great way of ensuring your money lasts as long as possible.

Many banks will allow you to an overdraft of up to £2000 with no repayment scheme during your time at university – this may sound like a lot, but it’s easily used up if you don’t have a part time job!



Nothing fractures the atmosphere in halls more than someone not doing their fair share of cleaning. Making a rota to help with this is ideal and your flatmates will likely lend a helping hand if they know you always make an effort!


So there you have it, freshers! Get ready for the best three years of your life – in the BEST city in the world!


A cat and dog shelter in Newcastle is set to play host to a special event featuring Channel 4 superstar ‘The Supervet’.

Newcastle Dog and Shelter is set to welcome the star - real name Noel Fitzpatrick - as he hosts a five-day adoptathon in the city.

‘Clear the Shelter’ is aimed at providing homes for every dog, cat, rabbit, and bird at the Tyneside Shelter – with the overall aim of encouraging people wanting a new pet to adopt rather than buy.

Over 250,000 pets are left to the care of rescue centres every year – a number Fitzpatrick hopes will seriously drop through the awareness raised by the event.

Professor Fitzpatrick told the Sunday Mirror: “Through raising awareness of the fun, love, and hope that rehoming an animal can bring, I think we speak a language of joy and compassion, and that this is a fantastic message to put out into the world right now.”

Leyla Rutter, Chief Executive at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter, believes the national attention the Shelter is set to receive next month is a ‘fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the amazing animals and to highlight the work that the shelter does on a daily basis.’

“Helping to raise awareness of issues facing Animal Welfare organisations across the country is vital if we are to stop some of the awful situations that animals find themselves in, and we will hopefully encourage people to visit rescue centres to adopt – not shop – when looking for new pets,” Leyla added.

Leyla is running her last ever Great North Run this September, and you can sponsor her at, helping the Newcastle Cat and Dog Shelter provide further help and attention for the animals that need it most.

Let’s hope this brilliant initiative will provide lots of Newcastle-based animals with new homes!


At the start of the year, living with a bunch of third years sounded like a GREAT idea. They’re far more mature than your year group, you get on well and the year has been AMAZING.

However, they’re all about to graduate. What do you do next year? Who do you hit Osborne Road with every night!?

Don’t panic, disgruntled second year – Mansons has you covered!


1)     Make more of an effort with your course mates

This one may seem simple, but if you’ve made friends away from your course then it is definitely worth paying attention too.

Coursemates are the only people in the university going through EXACTLY what you’re going through and that comes in VERY handy towards the end of the year!

2)     Brace for the Inevitable

You can promise your friends all you want that you’ll stay in touch after they graduate, but the reality is that won’t happen.

Full-time jobs and adult life get in the way – leaving a distinct possibility that you’ll be all alone next year. The best way to combat this is to prepare for that inevitable separation, make new friends and absolutely SMASH final year!

3)     Enjoy the Peace

Saying goodbye to friends can be sad – but there’s always a silver lining. The majority of graduates move out when the term ends in May, meaning you usually have an additional six weeks of FREE HOUSE bliss!

So there you go, Newcastle-based students – follow these steps and you’ll be in a perfect position come your own graduation ceremony next year!


Three Things To Do In Jesmond This Summer

So, you’ve finished university. All your friends are heading home for the summer, but you’ve decided to stay in the city of dreams and continue working your part-time job to earn some much-needed cash. It seemed like a great idea at the time, right?

Well, that doesn’t have to change! Although the summer evacuation of students does somewhat dampen the vibrancy of Jesmond, there is still plenty to do and see – and here are our three top things to do to keep your summer fresh and exciting!

1)      Visit the BRAND NEW Spy Bar

Of course, you’ve visited Spy Bar plenty of times during the academic year – Osborne Road is THE student haven! However, the infamous string of Jesmond bars returns to a brilliant, local twist of nightlife during the summer and a brand new take on your favourite bar is the perfect way to embrace this.

Benefitting from a new £400,000 investment, Spy has been reborn and will shortly open its doors once again – and you will be the one making your mates jealous every week while they stay stranded in tiny villages across the country!


2)      Visit Jesmond Dene

There are tons of things to do in Jesmond Dene this summer. The stunningly picturesque tourist attraction is heaving with wildlife, waterfalls and luscious nature – the perfect hangover cure after a long night partying.

Check out what is going down at the Dene this summer here:


3)      Indulge at Jesmond Food Market

If you have never experienced the Jesmond Food Market, this summer is the time to start. Occurring every third Saturday of the month, the Food Market brings a range of wonderful tastes and flavours to our wonderful community! The next market is on 15th July – check out @JesFoodMkt on Twitter for further information.


It’s quite possibly the saddest time of the student calendar. The year is over, and you are moving back from the vibrant nightlife of Newcastle to the boring, pub quiz ambiance of your home village in the middle of nowhere and morale has never been so low.

So, having to pack your increasingly small car with ALL of your things is the last thing you want to do – particularly after a heavy end of year night with your course mates.

So how can you pack your car efficiently? Well, Mansons has three top tips for storing your University life in a vehicle and still having enough space to breathe – just about anyways!


Donate unwanted goods to local charities!

This may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many things you’ll throw out that could prove incredibly valuable to local charity shops in the region!

Basic things like plates and bowls take up a lot of car space and can be very heavy when packed together – getting rid gives you more room to work with, and also allows you the joy of a fresh dinner set when you come back to Newcastle in September!

A few charity shops that could potentially benefit from your unwanted possessions include;

- Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter on Chillingham Road in Heaton 

- St Oswalds' Hospice Shop Jesmond 

- Oxfam Shop Jesmond

2)  Bags not boxes

This can be difficult as boxes offer more security, but using bags where possible is a great way of saving space in the car.

Boxes take up a huge amount of unnecessary space due to their bulky texture – and you can never really fill a box completely!


3)  Make use of every space

Your car has so many hidey-hole's that you really need to take advantage of! Store small appliances down the back of the seat and in the side pockets, sit on your pillows/cushions and lie any flat items (eg. Corkboards and whiteboards) across the boot cover!


There you have it – you are fully prepared to make your way home, enjoy the summer and count down the days until you are back in Newcastle – where this guide may come in very handy yet again!


You’ve moved into your dream student home with Mansons and bagged the biggest room - but what do you do with all that space?

How do I fill that HUGE wall? Why are all my housemates’ rooms so much more picturesque than mine?

Fear not! We are here to run you through the top three ways to jazz up YOUR student room!


1)     1)  Add some intimate lighting

Natural day light is all well and good, but the addition of selectively placed lights is a great way to add some character to your room.

While fairylights usually do the trick for girls, it is just as easy to add a pixar-style lamp for the gents!

These accessories are usually fairly cheap and add great visual appeal to your room – even when they’re switched off!


2)  2) Spice up your room with personality-defining cushions

Your bed is the signature piece of your room – and you should treat it as such!

Adding cushions to your bed gives visitors a great visual representation of you as a person – they could be anything from a favourite movie quote to your favourite colour!

Just remember to not go too crazy – you’re the one who will have the pick them up off the floor when you wake up every morning!


3  3) Add Greenery!

Plants and small pieces of greenery are fantastic ways to add some intricate subtlety to your student room. Flowers are always guaranteed to brighten up a room, while the stubborn, prickly nature of a small cactus adds its own unique element to your student pad.

Place flowers in a uniquely designed watering can for extra style points!


So there you have it – follow these tips and you can have the stylish, lively student room you always dreamed of!


If you’re interested in moving to Newcastle in 2017, we’re sure you’d be desperate to know a little bit more about our beautiful city. Luckily for you, Mansons have compiled the top 5 things you need to know to make your move that little bit more interesting! Read on to find out:

1)     1)  Grey Street was voted the ‘finest street in the land’

A BBC4 Radio survey proved that Britons believe that Newcastle’s Grey Street is the ‘finest street in the UK.’ As it’s flanked with beautiful Victorian-era buildings, and an array of delightful bars and restaurants, it’s hardly surprising, to be fair!

2)     2)  Highest ratio of restaurants per person in Northern England

You definitely don’t need to worry about going hungry in Newcastle. In the city centre, you can dig into the finest gourmet meals cooked by internationally-renowned chefs, or you can grab yourself a locally-sourced oyster from one of our local take-away stores!

3)    3)  Incredible nightlife

If you’re moving to Newcastle this year, you best make sure to pack your dancing shoes! In Trip Advisor’s Annual Travel Choice Awards, Newcastle logged in at third in the best night life in all of EUROPE! With super-club Digital just a minute’s walk from Central Station, you’re bound to have a terrific night out.

4)    4)  Angel of the North significance

Greeting you just a few kilometres from the Quayside are the outstretched arms of the Angel of the North! It is the world’s largest angel sculpture, with a wing-span of 54 metres – that’s a bigger than a Boeing 767!

5)   5)   Geordie is the most attractive accent in England

Visitors from afar probably don’t know that the local dialect and territorial name of the surrounding area is Geordie. A few years ago, The Scotsman Newspaper conducted a survey of 2,000 people, revealing that the Geordie accent is the most attractive in the UK. Prepare to be woo’d, people!


Letting Consultant Required

Mansons Property Consultants - Newcastle upon Tyne NE2
£19,000 - £22,000 a year

Mansons are an established agency in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, looking for an outstanding performer, who has experience working within a letting agency and continually hitting or exceeding targets.

Previous experience is essential.

Key Responsibilities

Generating maximum lettings fees to hit or exceed agreed income targets
Maintaining own group of prospective tenants (applicants) via extensive contact / property viewings and face-to-face sales
Updating landlord clients on their property’s marketing
Confidently communicating with clients and tenants to negotiate the best possible deals for our clients
Maintaining strong and up-to-date knowledge of local property market, and available stock listed with the office
Maintaining strong knowledge of both local area and Newcastle with respect to public transport, local amenities, schools etc.
Administration in support of tenancy process
Achieving performance targets

Skills Required

Proven experience working within a lettings agency
Strong knowledge of the Newcastle area would be an advantage
Good understanding of the legislations of residential lettings
Excellent sales skills
Must possess the ability to hit and exceed revenue targets
Good IT skills (Word, Excel, MS Outlook)
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Good interpersonal skills and ability to quickly form professional relationships at all levels of seniority
Ability to prioritise and co-ordinate tasks efficiently ensuring all deadlines are met

Personal Specification

Maintains a positive attitude towards routine tasks
Accurate and exceptional attention to detail
Pro-active and enjoys working autonomously and as part of a wider team
Confident and assertive where required
Flexible approach to work
Understands and appreciates the importance of using discretion
Team player who deals effectively with colleagues and clients
Must be sales orientated with strong customer service levels

Full Time position.

Salary £19,000 to £22,000 PA (depending on experience) + Commission

Email your CV to

Job Type: Full-time

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