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Newcastle last year was branded the ‘happiest place to live in the UK’ by the European Commission. We already knew that, of course – but it’s great to receive further confirmation!

From the serene views of the Tyne to the stunning Theatre Royal, those who live in Newcastle are surrounded by world class architecture at every turn. The 88-year-old Tyne Bridge is symbolic, as is the Georgian Grey Street in the city centre!

Newcastle is also a city steeped in history – Blackfriars is the oldest restaurant building in Britain, Newcastle University Medical School is one of the oldest in the world, and the Geordie accent is thought to be the oldest in the UK!

What’s more, the areas surrounding the city centre are a joy to live in, too. Jesmond comprises the tranquil calmness of Jesmond Dene Park, as well as the liveliness of Osborne Road – the suburbs main port of call for a social catch-up!

Furthermore, a 25-minute journey on the metro will take you to seaside town Tynemouth, where you can take in the air from the Northerly sea as you tuck into your fish and chips, if you ever fancy escaping the city centre’s booming atmosphere!

Should you opt for a move to the North East and Newcastle, Mansons are the perfect Estate Agents for you, as we offer a terrific range of affordable properties from across the region!


Both renting and buying have their own unique advantages. Renting, for example, allows you more expendable money in the short-term, whereas owning a property outright provides with a long-term sense of security.

Advantages of buying

-      -  When you buy a property, it is legally yours, giving you greater freedom in its use, without the restrictions of a landlord.

-     -   You gain creative control of the property and can alter it how you see fit – whether that be through changes to the décor or personalising its landscape.

-     -   You will have the option of buying to rent, which therefore enables you to generate income from renting out the property.

-        Potential capital growth.

Disadvantages of buying

-       - The additional costs that come with homeownership include deposit, survey fees, solicitors costs, stamp duty, insurance, maintenance and repairs, fluctuation in mortgage payments if on a variable rate.

-      -  You will run the risk of not making any profit through resale. This can be caused by external economic factors such as a recession or inflated interest rates.

-     -  You’ll likely become dependent on selling your home before being able to invest a new one.

Advantages of renting

-      -  Renting gives a tenant the opportunity to live in an area you would otherwise be unable to afford.

-      -  The only insurance you’ll have to cover is the contents of the home, while all maintenance work is the Homeowner’s responsibility.

-      -  After paying your rent, you may have the luxury of having additional money to spend elsewhere.

-        Flexibility to move at the end of your tenancy.

Disadvantages of renting

-      - You’ll be come bound by the rules of the lease agreement, impacting the way in which you live in a property.

-       - You won’t be able to make changes to your temporary home without the consent of the Landlord.

-       - There is no full guarantee that your lease will be renewed when the tenancy expires!


Open house viewings are becoming an increasingly popular part of people’s sales armoury in the UK. Sellers are trying a number of methods to improve the chances of marketing their home, and like anything else, there are pros and cons to this technique!


What are the benefits of open house viewings?

1.      1. Saving time!

If you only have to prepare for a couple of viewings, you’ll save on the amount of time, effort and work you have to put in to get your house in tip-top condition. A quick spring clean should suffice before each viewing!

2.      2. Potential increase in the asking price!

Buyers are competitive – it’s in the nature of the process. Bringing interested parties to view your house at the same time could cite a spike in their competitiveness, and therefore lead to a buyer moving more quickly and even upping their offer to avoid being out-bidded!


What are the disadvantages of open house viewings?

1.      1. Difficulty of answering group queries

It may become difficult when separate viewers are demanding your attention at the same time, and you’ll have to prepare for the awkward queries and criticisms, which can be stressful as a first-time seller, in particular!

2.      2. Security issues

To put it simply; inviting lots of people into your home at the same time is a risk. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that an open house viewing will entail any such issues, but the chance of your home being damaged increases. It would be wise to counterbalance this risk by hiding key valuables and being vigilant throughout!


The internet has revolutionised the way homes are bought and sold in the 21st century, and though the rise of the online estate agent is prevalent, the traditional estate agent continues to offer the more bespoke, tailored and personal service.

Take the viewings process, for example; a traditional agent will supervise applicants who visit your property, leaving you time to deal with life’s other challenges - whereas you’ll be forced to carry out the viewing process alone should you choose to sell up with an online agency.

This is of course not ideal if you don’t possess the professional touch needed to negotiate the best possible price. This, and the fact that you’ll be allowing strangers into your home unsupervised, which in itself is a potential risk.

Although there are savings to be made by using an online estate agency, many landlords still prefer to deal with their estate agent face-to-face in order to receive a higher level of customer service.

Online agents still offer the capacity to provide customer service via telephone and e-mail, but traditional agents have the added benefit of being able to offer clients the personal services of on-site valuations and accompanied viewings.

The potential to save money by choosing at online estate agent will tempt many a home seller, but it typically involves preparing details, taking photos, conducting viewings and progressing the sale independently. You may save money, but you will certainly have to work for it!

Ultimately, then, handing over the initiative to a fully-qualified, experienced traditional estate agent will give you peace of mind during a period of time when that is exactly what you’re likely to need!


The Guild of Property Professionals is a national network of around 800 independent estate agents who deliver national, regional and local property exposure – and we’re delighted to say we’re part of the organisation!

The Guild selects one member per area, which means all members are eager to work together to assist you in making your moving process an easy one. This countrywide network encompasses fellow independent agencies who all adhere to the same rules and regulations so you can rest assured your property is being dealt with safely and securely.

By employing a Guild Member to sell your home, the property will be showcased by a network of collective agents to a national audience, drumming up awareness and interest from potential suitors all over the UK in the process.

The national property search function on Guild-friendly websites is exclusive to Guild Members only, meaning prospective buyers can search for properties on a national level, rather than being restricted to local apartments and houses.

Marketing your property this way allows your home to be viewed by the widest possible audience whilst directly benefitting your chances of securing your dream next move.

As the solitary, specifically-selected agency in a region, your Guild Member will be able to provide you with viewings of amazing properties across Britain, irrespective of whether you are selling or buying.

As well as being at the forefront of the lettings marketplace with advanced Marketing Intelligence, Guild Members are also the best-placed agents to advise you on the best time to sell for the best possible financial gain.

As we are a proud member of The Guild, we also have access to bespoke marketing tools which we use to enhance the overall appeal of your property!


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The changes of the logo may be minimal, but at The Guild’s Annual Conference, there was a rebranding of the organisation – one that represents the ideals, evolution and growth of the newly-named ‘Guild of Property Professionals’.

The eventual aim of the rebrand is to clearly interconnect their core values and the benefits they bring to their Members and their Members’ clients, with a focus on developing a recognisable and reliable brand.

The Guild of Property Professionals announced three specific core elements they aim to implement during the rebrand, with these being:

1)     ‘Our Member agents have the relevant specialist knowledge to guide their clients.’

2)     ‘Guild agents have undergone extensive training to ensure that the guidance they give is correct and appropriate at all times.’

3)     ‘By dealing with a property professional who is committed to acting with integrity, and by accessing the services of The Guild and its extensive network, they will secure a better result than otherwise would be the case.’

As a proud member of The Guild of Property Professionals, we at Mansons are excited by these proposals, and look forward to work in coherence with the fellow network of around 800 independent estate agents in continuing to deliver national, regional and local property exposure for our clients.

Design-wise, The Guild sought evolution rather than revolution to maintain their established reputation in the property industry. It is desired that a member of the public will now find it easier to identify, and subsequently engage, with a property professional they can trust.


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The purchasing, renting and selling of properties can be a difficult process at the best of times, but the need for a top-quality estate agent is more important than ever in 2017.

The uncertainty surrounding licensing schemes and an influx of external interventions in the private property sector could leave inexperienced clients confused – so it’s crucial that you select an estate agent who is an expert in the field.

We thought we’d give you a heads-up guide as to what to look out for when dealing with an agent so you can rest easy that you’re being dealt with in the right hands!

5) They’re good communicators

The property market is time-sensitive, and it’s imperative that your agent keeps you up to date with your current situation so you can move on quickly to another property or potential buyer. What could be translated as insignificant information to an experienced agent could be hugely important to clients who are new to the property market!

They’re adaptable

Whether you prefer to exchange updates with your agent via email, text message or daily phone calls, they should have no qualms in adapting to what YOU prefer. It’s the agent’s responsibility to suss out your preferred method of communication so that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

3) They prioritise your needs

“Estate agency is a service business and customers want optimum customer care more than anything else,” says founder of, Charlie Wright. It may sound obvious, but the best agents always return every enquiry or phone call as soon as they can so there are no grey areas surrounding the progression of a deal.

2) They’ll recognise your selling motivation

If you’re selling one of your several investment properties, you will have very different needs and sentimental values to a client who’s selling their long-term family home - and it’s up to your agent to recognise this and adapt accordingly.

1) They’ll work to your time frame

If you’re in a rush to settle, your agent should be intensifying their search for a new home for you, and therefore working to a tighter time frame. Alternatively, if you aren’t in any real particular rush to buy or sell, your agent may advise you to wait for a better market so you can secure a better deal!


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When Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond announced in November’s Autumn Statement that he planned to impose a ban on tenants’ admin fees in England and Wales, as many as 4.3 million renters were promised to benefit from the ruling.

Statistics generated in a study by the Citizens Advice Bureau indicated an increase of up to 60% in lettings fees over the past five years, with some renters paying well in advance of £700 for relatively basic administrative support.

Before the millennium, however, many lettings agencies refrained from charging fees to their tenants, and the upsurge over the past decade has been an organic trend, as opposed to a regulated process.

Economy experts state that the fee ban could take up to two years to fall into place, but leasing agencies are generally dissatisfied that the policy – which has been common practice in Scotland for over two years now – was employed without prior industry consultation.

Though the strategy, in principal, will prove largely beneficial to renters, Managing Director of the Association of Residential Lettings Agents, David Cox, claims: “If fees are banned, these costs will be passed on to landlords, who will need to recoup the costs elsewhere, inevitably through higher rents. The banning of fees will end up hurting the very people the Government intends on helping the most.”

Even if landlords do opt to increase their rates as is widely-expected, the costs are likely to instead be spread out over the duration of a secure tenancy. This means renters won’t be required to pay hundreds of pounds upfront, and it is thought that the proposal will give clarity to residents as to how much the tenancy will cost, without having to navigate the grey areas of letting agent fees, where surprises – namely big-money, unforeseen contractual sums - can jump from the shadows.

And while positives to take from 2016 are few and far between, here’s hoping Hammond’s modification of the property market leads to a more financially-amicable 2017.

Mansons do charge a fee for their services, but have always felt it important to be transparent about any costs, before, during and after a tenancy. They are prominently displayed in the office and on our website


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It’s no surprise that Jesmond is one of the most popular areas to take resident in Newcastle. Whilst Jesmond may be the perfect go-to place when the sun is shining post summer exams, some people may not know that Jesmond is an idyllic winter wonderland!


I’m sure you have all heard of Jesmond’s famous Osbourne Road lined with more bars and restaurants than you care to imagine. On the other hand, what a lot of people don’t tell you is that Jesmond is a great place for an early morning Sunday walk with the dog or festive afternoon tea. Jesmond Dene is tucked away behind the bright lights of the main street with winding streams, waterfalls, play parks and a wildlife centre. During the summer this haven is a staple location for any Newcastle bound resident, however come winter, when the crowds die down and you are left with a peaceful winter wonderland whether it’s just you and your dog or a little family outing! Jesmond Dene House may be known as a fairy-tale wedding location, but their afternoon tea is a step above the rest- especially at Christmas. There is no better way to end a stroll through Jesmond Dene in the snow than with a festive afternoon tea. 


Unsure on parking and transport? Not to worry, there are many spots around the Jesmond Dene area with free parking. Alternatively, there are two metro stops (Jesmond and West Jesmond), along with a number of bus stops to suit your destination.


Fancy moving to Jesmond…why not head over to our website to see what properties are available in the area. You can also call us on 0191 209 2222 and we’ll gladly help. 

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Newcastle is a city however that does not mean there aren’t any cracking dog walks around for your four legged friends and we are going to highlight some of the best ones .

Jesmond Dene is a popular dog walking spot, with its cute little pathways and wonderful waterfalls however, there are many more outdoor areas to explore such as Leazes Park. In the centre of Newcastle it is the city’s oldest park, perfect for your pooch and built around a lake it’s another scenic display, you can also enjoy the tennis courts and bowling green.

If you’re after another park to take your canine companion, Paddy Freeman’s is also another popular pooch spot located on Freeman Road. It is well maintained also with tennis courts and a bowling green.

However, if you’re wanting to go a little further out for some sand and sea, Long Sands Beach in Tynemouth is a particular favourite (especially with our Yogi & Bear.) It is one of our beautiful blue flag award winning North East beaches, just a ten-minute walk from Cullercoats Metro station (north) and Tynemouth Metro station (south) it is accessible and a perfect beach offering a great walk.

We also have 44 dog friendly pubs in and around Newcastle to welcome your thirsty pooch, so you can enjoy a quick pint (or two) with your four legged friend. The Blue Bell is always a popular spot located just next to Jesmond Dene and Heaton Park it is a canine hotspot for a well-deserved lunch or drink after your walk.

If you’re heading to the coast, The Dolphin is another dog friendly pub located just outside Tynemouth Village. It prides itself on its old-fashioned, welcoming atmosphere, and its home-cooked food. Dogs are welcomed with open arms, always greeted with a treat and a bowl of water, it is very close to some of the area’s most beautiful coastal walks and car parking is no problem.

We have just named a few spots for you and your dog to enjoy but there are many more parks, pubs and ponds in the area. Our Yogi and Bear love to explore the North East, head out and see what it’s got to offer you and your canine companion.