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Mansons Social May 8, 2020

We've gone Contactless!

What's happening across the world right now is causing uncertainty and changing the way we live and work perhaps forever.


The only way we can all move forward is to adapt  - to change the way we work and interact with each other.


To create a new normal.


The way we do Business has to change as well, and from what we're seeing, it already is.


Providing goods and services has to evolve to meet the needs of a new reality - where we were once face to face we now need to go virtual - go remote and stay safe.


This is not just smart - it's essential.


One sector that's having to evolve and innovate to meet this challenge is estate agency.


People still need to move - to rent and to sell.


So how can an agent list a property for sale or rent while adjusting to the new reality of safety and social distancing?


Welcome to virtual valuations.


So what does that mean?


Well it's simple really - putting your property on the market without having to risk unnecessary contact with agents or photographers.


If you're vulnerable or have underlying health conditions - or if you just want to stay safe, then a virtual valuation is the perfect solution for your property sale.


And which local agent can you trust to be pioneering this new service?


Mansons of course.


And this service has been made possible in conjunction with the Guild of Property Professionals of which Mansons is a proud member.


It allows you to sell or rent your property quickly, conveniently and most importantly, do it safely.


Here's how it works in 4 easy steps.


Step 1

Take photos and video of your property - don't worry we'll provide useful tips and tricks for taking effective pictures and videos!


Step 2

Fill out our online form - this simple questionnaire will let us know a few important details about you and your property so that we can do effective market research tailored to fit you.


Step 3

Upload your pictures and video to our system - again we'll take you through it so you can be confident we receive the best idea of the layout and flow of your property.


And finally Step4

Book a convenient time slot for your virtual valuation - we will then be in touch to confirm your appointment and make sure you know how your valuation will work.


Don't worry we'll be there to help you every step of the way, by phone and online.


Once your property is on the market it goes without saying that we will offer virtual viewing tours in accordance with the current government guidelines.


For a more detailed explanation of exactly how this new way of valuing works and to get started then just click here.


Virtual valuations keep us all safe  - brought to you by Mansons and the Guild of Property Professionals.

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