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Have you got the basics right as a landlord?

Have you got the basics right as a landlord?

Mansons Social Mansons 6th March 2020

Being a landlord is a business, and although property is notoriously a safe long-term investment, do you fully understand what being a landlord actually entails? You might have been a landlord for the last 10 years with multiple properties, but are you meeting all of your legal responsibilities, and have you kept up to date with the ever-changing legislation?


If you’re up for being challenged, take our quick quiz below. If you find yourself stumbling over any of the questions, our property expert Kirstey can take you through all the answers and advise you on the services we offer → kirstey@mansons.net



1.      The penalty for not carrying out the Right to Rent Check is:

a.      A fine of a fine of €15000

b.      disbarment from being an agent

c.      imprisonment

d.      a fine of £3000 per illegal occupant


2.      Which of the following is a true statement regarding the length of time an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) can be valid for?

a.      there is NO minimum term  for an AST

b.      an AST must be for a minimum term of 6 months

c.      an AST must be for a minimum term of 12 months

d.      the AST must be for longer than 3 years


3.      If the standard pet clause in a tenancy agreement is annulled, the Landlord is obliged to accept which of the following?

a.      the Landlord is obliged to accept all pets of any type in the property

b.      the Landlord is obliged to accept all breeds/types of dog

c.      the Landlord is obliged to apply an extra Pet damage deposit

d.      the Landlord must accept only the pet specifically agreed to in the amended pet clause


4.      A lease must be created by a deed when it is:

a.      1 year or more

b.      less than 3 years

c.      more than 3 years

d.      more than 4 years


5.      Who from the following options, is generally responsible for redecoration or repairs, resulting from mould caused by condensation?

a.      the Landlord is responsible

b.      The tenant is responsible

c.      the managing agent carrying out the inspection

d.      all of the above


6.      Which of the following items of furnishings are NOT included in the The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1989:

a.      curtains and carpets

b.      cushions

c.      mattresses

d.      pillows


Did you breeze through all the questions or have you fallen at the first hurdle? Get in touch to find out what the answers are: kirstey@mansons.net, or give Andrew a call: 0191 209 2222, and take a look at all of our landlord services here → https://www.mansons.net/landlords.

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