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The Pros and Cons of Open House Viewings when Selling Your Property

The Pros and Cons of Open House Viewings when Selling Your Property

Mansons Social Mansons Social 2nd March 2017

Open house viewings are becoming an increasingly popular part of people’s sales armoury in the UK. Sellers are trying a number of methods to improve the chances of marketing their home, and like anything else, there are pros and cons to this technique!


What are the benefits of open house viewings?

1.      1. Saving time!

If you only have to prepare for a couple of viewings, you’ll save on the amount of time, effort and work you have to put in to get your house in tip-top condition. A quick spring clean should suffice before each viewing!

2.      2. Potential increase in the asking price!

Buyers are competitive – it’s in the nature of the process. Bringing interested parties to view your house at the same time could cite a spike in their competitiveness, and therefore lead to a buyer moving more quickly and even upping their offer to avoid being out-bidded!


What are the disadvantages of open house viewings?

1.      1. Difficulty of answering group queries

It may become difficult when separate viewers are demanding your attention at the same time, and you’ll have to prepare for the awkward queries and criticisms, which can be stressful as a first-time seller, in particular!

2.      2. Security issues

To put it simply; inviting lots of people into your home at the same time is a risk. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that an open house viewing will entail any such issues, but the chance of your home being damaged increases. It would be wise to counterbalance this risk by hiding key valuables and being vigilant throughout!

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