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How to survive Christmas on a student budget!

How to survive Christmas on a student budget!

Mansons Social Mansons Property 16th November 2017

Christmas is coming, and your wallet is looking a little thin - but don’t worry! Here are 3 top tips on how to save money this Christmas, so you aren’t left out in the cold:

1.     Student Discount

Take advantage of the fact that you are a student. Don’t be afraid to ask about student discount, you’d be surprised how many restaurants and shops accept student discount. As the Geordie saying goes “shy bairns get nowt” – you won’t know until you ask! When shopping online, look out for extra discount codes as many websites do student discount on top of promotions and sale, too!

2.     Secret Santa

When you’re at university, your list of friends is probably very long. Especially when you live in a full house, have a group of course mates along with your Society friends. Organise a secret Santa and limit the expenditure to £5 or £10 (if you really like them). Trust us - it’ll really help you out and all your friends will be thankful that you suggested it! Instead of going out for food when doing your secret Santa exchange, arrange a home-cooked Christmas dinner whereby you all chip in towards the cost.

3.     Eat In

You might not know it, but eating out all the time could be the cause of your suffering bank account, even if it is just £3 here and there. Try and eat in, have a good look to see what you have in and eat all the tins you have pushed to the back of your cupboard which you’ve been saving for a rainy day because this is your rainy month (but please make sure you check the best before date!!). When going into university make packed lunches and cut down on buying that pick me up morning coffee from Starbucks and Costa.

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