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Moving With Pets!

Mansons Social Dan Mason 2nd August 2016

We love our pets here at Mansons, so we also understand the additional stress that can be put upon them when moving to a different environment or property. We therefore use this latest blog to take a closer look at how to help your pet through the experience of moving home with you.

Before the move:

The most obvious factor to take into account before anything is just how far this journey will be between your old and new properties.  A lengthy trip may play havoc with the animal should they suffer from travel sickness or severe anxiety in the car, so it is initially best to talk to your vet about any potential medication needed to make the journey less stressful for them.

Next, frequent noise and the arrival of unfamiliar people into the house may be a big shock to your pet during the removal process, so there are several options to take here.

The most obvious is to find a friend, relative or close neighbour to look after them during the removal process, keeping them clear of the hectic action going on at their old home.  Otherwise, keep them clear in a specific room away from the most active areas during the move, leaving them more relaxed.

During the move:

To actually move your pet from one place to another, using a good-quality pet carrier is the best option to take. It’s best to bed them into a crate or box they are comfortable with days or even weeks prior to the move as a precaution, so that they feel at ease when travelling in it also.

We also advise that you keep the pet hydrated before the move to avoid any negative feeling. Small pets especially tend to get dehydrated very quickly, so keep them away from warm weather during these few hours between your move. For safety reasons, a collar tag with details to contact the owner is also worth adding as a precaution.

After the move:

The new environment may settle them instantly, but if not then it is very much worth showing your pet around each room, before then introducing them to ‘their’ part of the house to get them comfortable. This applies to the garden also, where just a simple day playing outside with the family can be the settling touch they need…providing the weather is kind to you for a change!

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