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Mansons Social Mansons Property 14th February 2019

Moving out and going into the ‘real’ world can be a nervous experience but it can also be the best experience of your life. The independence, responsibility and well, FREEDOM, can make it all worth it. Plus, you will now be living with your other half, ideal right? We have created a realistic and fun insight into moving in with someone for the first time.


1.    Say goodbye to home comforts

Moving out doesn’t just involve moving in with your other half or best friend, it comes with new tasks and responsibilities. Previously, you would have went to the fridge, pulled out your favourite food and returned to the cosy sofa to watch your favourite tv programme, say goodbye to that good life. Now, you will open the fridge and wish it was filled with those delights rather than cheese and milk because you couldn’t be bothered to do the weekly shop. As grim as that seems, it isn’t all bad – just think, when you do your weekly shop you can now eat what you want, when you want, now who’s living the dream?


2.    Bills, Bills, Bills

Of course, you cannot move out and not take the responsibility for all of the bills heading your way. It may be daunting thinking about taking on this responsibility for the first time, especially when moving in with your partner but it can be made easier in many ways. Firstly, work out the payment plan for those bills and schedule in the dates they’re due so they are paid on time. Not an organised person? Get a diary and become one! Paying your bills is incredibly important and is definitely made easier when you’re ahead of the game, the diary can be your friendly guide or reminder.  Another tip would be to pay for things you actually need, moving out can be expensive enough never mind adding on fancy tv packages. Ensure you can pay the basics before splashing out on the extras.


3.    Don’t forget those keys

You may think, of course I wouldn’t forget my keys, how silly would you have to be to forget keys?! But honestly, it happens and how terrible would it be to happen when you are in your new home? TERRIBLE, just terrible. Therefore, as a friendly warning make sure you always have your key or at least store a spare one securely under that little blue plant pot beside the door (just to be safe). It’s something so simple but can easily turn into a nightmare if you lock yourself out so remember keys, keys, keys!


4.    Trying out new things

The independence you get when moving out for the first time allows you a new-found freedom. You might find out you are a talented decorator but did not know this as previously you were never allowed to decorate. Decorating can be satisfying, challenging and therapeutic all in one! Being able to design and tailor your new home to your couple’s taste can allow you to create your own personal haven. Previously, you may have wanted to paint your room because it needed updating, but you were never allowed because it was “professionally painted” but now, HELLO PAINTBRUSH. From choosing your colour palette to choosing the items you will decorate with, this is one of the best things about moving into a new place! Even though you and your other half will have to meet in the middle and agree on the design, don’t be afraid to test out your ideas.  What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll need to folk out on a professional but at least you had the experience of doing it yourselves. Be confident when designing and developing your new home because then you can create the home of your dreams.


5.    Arguments

If you haven’t argued as a couple before moving in, you certainly will now. Taking the step to now live, eat and sleep with your other half constantly may be exciting and daunting all at the same time! There’s now little escape from them, all of your previous secret habits will now be exposed, and a lack of privacy may become uncomfortable. Of course, you are now living with the person you love and want to live with but, I’m sure there will be moments it can get a little intense. On those rare occasions, that’s where the arguments begin. Arguing isn’t the end of the world, it happens when you don’t agree and let’s be honest, there’s so many new challenges and emotions when moving in with someone, arguments are going to occur. A basic example might be that your other half cooks and leaves the pans out and doesn’t tidy them away, this may be something minor but it’s those little things can easily annoy you. It is important to remember that things can be said in the heat of the moment and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To resolve those arguments, you MUST listen to one another. Arguments are nothing to worry about when moving in, if anything they allow you to learn more about each other and what you both like or dislike.



6.    The best adventure begins NOW

Moving out comes with a mixture of emotions, you feel happy because you’re finally making the step to fly the nest but at the same time, you’re sad to be leaving the place you’ve called home for so long. The excitement of moving in with your other half is a feeling like no other, excitement or nervousness – the thought of being around each other is just perfect, no matter how hard it might be at times. Moving out allows you both to grow and learn, for example, you’ll learn how to organise the bills, your weekly shop, the cooking and the cleaning (CLEANING, WHAT?) – all include a learning curve that you can do together which will only make you grow even stronger.


The prospect of designing and creating your own cosy home is incredibly exciting. Whether you are confident to decorate or not, eventually you will both feel at home when you add your own personal touches. Pictures of friends, family, or even your pets can make any room feel homelier instantly. Decorating in bold colours or plain and simple – whatever your taste is, your home will all come together in time. It is important to understand you cannot move into your first home and instantly love everything about it. Designing it to suit your taste and style can be difficult, especially when you and your partner may have different ideas, however, by listening to each other’s ideas you will be able to create your ideal home together.




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