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Mansons Social October 11, 2017

How to make friends at University!

Starting university is a brilliant time for most. The independence, the student loan and the non-stop partying on Freshers week leaves an adrenaline rush that feels as if it will never stop!

However, after a while it can become incredibly easy to begin to miss home – and in particular, your old school friends.

This is NOT a nice feeling – and the only way to combat it is to make new university friends!

Join a Club/Society

Whatever your interest, we can guarantee there is a club or society to suit you at university. Societies are used to catering for novices and are perfect for bedding people in! Furthermore, you already know your fellow society members have at least one common interest, giving you something to talk about and connect upon!

Head out and explore the area

90% of students who visit Newcastle for university aren’t from the area. Therefore, getting together in groups and going to explore our wonderful city is a GREAT way of bonding, making friends and seeing everything Newcastle has to offer.

From the beauty of Jesmond Dene to the history of Hadrian’s Wall, interesting features can be found everywhere – enhancing your Newcastle experience. Basically – DON’T JUST STAY IN YOUR ROOM!

Don’t Try and Reinvent Yourself

Coming to university is a chance to express yourself – but you should never sacrifice your true ideologies, hobbies and interests.

Being yourself is the best way to make friends with common interests – at the end of the day, you’re all strangers in a new city and acting natural is a great way to be at ease with what can be a quite nerve-wracking situation!

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