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Mansons Social April 3, 2018

North East Property Prices Enjoy Spring Surge

 The lighter nights are rolling in – and there may have never been a better time to sell your home than right now in the North East!


Recent studies have revealed that North East house prices continue to grow year-on-year, with the average home now worth 2.8% more than at the end of March 2017!


An impressive 80% of areas surveyed showed an increase in property values, with Blyth (4.4%) and Killingworth (4.2%) showing the most growth through the month.


Renting in the region also showed positive signs for tenants, with reports suggesting the average monthly rent has fallen to £578 from £582, saving tenants an incredible £488 per year.


If you’re looking to rent this Spring, then now is a good time to start hunting – here at Mansons, we have an expert team dedicated to sourcing and finding the best properties in the region for you!


Make the most of our expertise today – it all starts with a simple phone call, and you can reach us on 0191 209 2222.

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