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Lockdown Spring Cleaning Ideas

Mansons Social Mansons 21st April 2020

As we’re getting used to our ‘new normal’, staying at home a lot more and potentially running out of ‘things to do’; spring cleaning may suddenly have a massive appeal.

It might seem like a huge undertaking, but when broken down room by room, you’ll find that you can fill your days without getting overwhelmed. These kinds of tasks might seem trivial but can make the world difference to your everyday living.

Your surroundings can often be a reflection on how you feel inside, by streamlining, cleaning and clearing space within your home you will also start to clear your mind of clutter as well.


Make a list

Never underestimate the power of a list.


Clear out and deep clean the kitchen cupboards

There’s nothing more satisfying than opening your kitchen cupboards and knowing exactly where everything is. Add to that, the pleasure of having sparkling clean cupboards...bliss. This lockdown has seen a lot of people find a new love of baking and cooking, with this love, comes the need to know exactly where your ingredients are so you can make the perfect...banana bread or chocolate cake.

Work your way around the kitchen, one cupboard at a time and in a week your shelves will be squeaky clean, all out of date food will be gone and you’ll know exactly what's-what and where it is.


Empty the shed

With many people finding peace and quiet outside in their gardens, it might be time to tackle the garden shed.

If you’re ready to unleash your inner Alan Titchmarsh, then you need to know what tools you have. Get rid of anything rusty or beyond repair and organise the kid’s outdoor toys, if they see it they’re more likely to actually play with it.


Revisit your ‘messy draw’

There isn’t a household in this country that doesn’t have their own version of a ‘messy draw’, this could come in the form of a full cupboard or just the top draw of a chest of drawers that has long been forgotten about.

No matter how big or small, this draw needs a clear out every once in a while, to avoid hoarding irrelevant things. At the very least, it’ll need reorganising, so you know where to go looking for spare batteries and loose charging cables.



Matching up odd socks

This might sound like an odd job but think about how annoying it is when you lose one of your socks in the wash (how this happens is a mystery) and just end up throwing them into your cupboard loose. Stick some good background music on or your favourite podcast and get sorting; you’ll be amazed how many pairs of socks you’ll suddenly have!


Cleaning and sorting your house aren’t glamorous jobs, but the benefits far outweigh the short-term hassle of the task.

Knowing exactly what you have and where it is will save you time and money, avoiding unnecessary purchases.

Having a clear out will also mean you have more space to enjoy at home.

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