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Tips for moving house in winter

Mansons Social Mansons 21st November 2019

Moving house this winter? We can help take some of the stress away with our handy tips, so that you are all ready for the festive season.


1.     Take advantage of daylight hours

Winter evenings are not only freezing cold, but incredibly dark. Try to maximise the daylight by doing as much as you can in the middle of the day.


2.     Put the heating on

It’s going to be pretty cold when you arrive – make this your first priority! If there is going to be a long period of time where the house will be empty before you move in, it could be worth speaking to the previous occupants to leave the heating on low, to prevent pipes freezing, and to make it more comfortable on your arrival.


3.     Use a removals company

Having extra help is going to be worth paying for when it’s cold and there’s lots to do. The quicker you are able to get unboxed and tidy, the quicker you can start to settle into your new home.


4.     Pack an essentials box

You’ll probably want a nice cup of tea to warm you and the workers up on arrival, so make sure you have a kettle, mugs and all the essentials in a box ready to go – not forgetting any snacks!


5.     Protect your floors

That light cream carpet in the hallway won’t stay nice for long if people have wet or muddy boots coming in and out of the house. Putting down old sheets is a good way of protecting both carpet and hard flooring, but you must be careful that you don’t cause slippery or uneven surfaces.


6.     Dress appropriately

Be ready for the cold with several layers on, hat, gloves and sensible boots to reduce your risk of slipping when carrying heavy items of furniture.


7.     Get children and pets looked after

A move can be stressful for children and pets, and when it’s cold, it can be difficult to keep children warm and occupied. Arranging with a family member for children and pets to be looked after can allow you to concentrate on the move, rather than worry about keeping children and pets safe.


8.     Protect your belongings

If it’s raining or snowing, then it is essential that your belongings are covered to protect them. If you are hiring a removals team, then they will usually be able to provide this for you.

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