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Five things you HAVE to know about Newcastle

Five things you HAVE to know about Newcastle

Mansons Social Mansons Property 7th May 2017

If you’re interested in moving to Newcastle in 2017, we’re sure you’d be desperate to know a little bit more about our beautiful city. Luckily for you, Mansons have compiled the top 5 things you need to know to make your move that little bit more interesting! Read on to find out:

1)     1)  Grey Street was voted the ‘finest street in the land’

A BBC4 Radio survey proved that Britons believe that Newcastle’s Grey Street is the ‘finest street in the UK.’ As it’s flanked with beautiful Victorian-era buildings, and an array of delightful bars and restaurants, it’s hardly surprising, to be fair!

2)     2)  Highest ratio of restaurants per person in Northern England

You definitely don’t need to worry about going hungry in Newcastle. In the city centre, you can dig into the finest gourmet meals cooked by internationally-renowned chefs, or you can grab yourself a locally-sourced oyster from one of our local take-away stores!

3)    3)  Incredible nightlife

If you’re moving to Newcastle this year, you best make sure to pack your dancing shoes! In Trip Advisor’s Annual Travel Choice Awards, Newcastle logged in at third in the best night life in all of EUROPE! With super-club Digital just a minute’s walk from Central Station, you’re bound to have a terrific night out.

4)    4)  Angel of the North significance

Greeting you just a few kilometres from the Quayside are the outstretched arms of the Angel of the North! It is the world’s largest angel sculpture, with a wing-span of 54 metres – that’s a bigger than a Boeing 767!

5)   5)   Geordie is the most attractive accent in England

Visitors from afar probably don’t know that the local dialect and territorial name of the surrounding area is Geordie. A few years ago, The Scotsman Newspaper conducted a survey of 2,000 people, revealing that the Geordie accent is the most attractive in the UK. Prepare to be woo’d, people!

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