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How Videos Benefit Estate Agents

Mansons Social Mansons 30th January 2015

Did you know what videos can do for estate agents? We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to make it easier for house-hunters to find their perfect home, which is why when we started using YouTube, we needed to spread the news.

In general marketing we do it all, from brochures to social media, because we know that is what people need! Social media marketing is fantastic – we can chat with our clients and make sure they get help 24/7 but videos are really where the main focus of our customers is shifting to.

Virtual tours around properties aren’t anything new but they would stick or freeze, or they wouldn’t show everything a stunning building had to offer. It was more a problem than a solution for many agents.

When videos came in they made it easier for us to upload them but also easier for clients to get a feel for the property before booking a viewing.

From a marketing point of view, videos are quickly becoming where audiences spend most of their time. YouTube hits over 4 billion views per day alone, and it is the second largest search engine (after Google). These stats are fairly exciting and should encourage you to set up a YouTube channel – see ours here:

Videos are incredibly easy to share. You can embed them in your site, social media links and even your email marketing.

If you can put your content in your video (how many bedrooms/bathrooms) it often means there will be a much higher chance that someone will get in touch about your property after it’s been viewed.

Another benefit agents can reap from using videos is they fact they’re mobile friendly. If you haven’t the time or disposable income to make your site mobile-friendly, you can guarantee your customer has the YouTube app on their smartphone. So while they can’t load the properties photos, they’ll be able to watch your videos.

At Mansons we feel that the addition of these videottes enhances the marketing and are great for properties, whether sales or lettings in and around Newcastle and Jesmond.

Do you use videos? Which is your preferred type of marketing? Let us know!

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