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Three Tips For Freshers Studying In Newcastle in 2017

Three Tips For Freshers Studying In Newcastle in 2017

Mansons Social Mansons Property 21st August 2017

You’ve done it. Months of battling with UCAS, re-drafting your personal statement and revising for A-Levels is over – and you’ve made it into university!

Whether it's Northumbria or Newcastle, you’ve picked the perfect city to study in – and the fun begins with the most exciting, action-packed Freshers week in the country!

So sit back, relax and read on as we take you through our top tips for surviving Freshers in the Toon.


Introduce yourself to EVERYONE

Locking yourself in your halls is one of the WORST things you can do during Freshers Week. Everybody is in the same boat and it’s the perfect time to make new friends for life. If you hear a conversation in the kitchen or a party next door, head on by – Freshers Week is for EVERYONE to enjoy.

Oh, and the taxi fare to the club will be far cheaper when split between more people!


Set up a student bank account

The luxury of a student loan is something that never ceases to amaze during your first year at uni. Suddenly being afforded the luxury of a hefty bank balance is an AMAZING feeling – but sadly, it will run out.

Shopping around for a student bank account is a great way of ensuring your money lasts as long as possible.

Many banks will allow you to an overdraft of up to £2000 with no repayment scheme during your time at university – this may sound like a lot, but it’s easily used up if you don’t have a part time job!



Nothing fractures the atmosphere in halls more than someone not doing their fair share of cleaning. Making a rota to help with this is ideal and your flatmates will likely lend a helping hand if they know you always make an effort!


So there you have it, freshers! Get ready for the best three years of your life – in the BEST city in the world!

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