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Three ways to spruce up your student room

Three ways to spruce up your student room

Mansons Social Mansons Property 23rd May 2017

You’ve moved into your dream student home with Mansons and bagged the biggest room - but what do you do with all that space?

How do I fill that HUGE wall? Why are all my housemates’ rooms so much more picturesque than mine?

Fear not! We are here to run you through the top three ways to jazz up YOUR student room!


1)     1)  Add some intimate lighting

Natural day light is all well and good, but the addition of selectively placed lights is a great way to add some character to your room.

While fairylights usually do the trick for girls, it is just as easy to add a pixar-style lamp for the gents!

These accessories are usually fairly cheap and add great visual appeal to your room – even when they’re switched off!


2)  2) Spice up your room with personality-defining cushions

Your bed is the signature piece of your room – and you should treat it as such!

Adding cushions to your bed gives visitors a great visual representation of you as a person – they could be anything from a favourite movie quote to your favourite colour!

Just remember to not go too crazy – you’re the one who will have the pick them up off the floor when you wake up every morning!


3  3) Add Greenery!

Plants and small pieces of greenery are fantastic ways to add some intricate subtlety to your student room. Flowers are always guaranteed to brighten up a room, while the stubborn, prickly nature of a small cactus adds its own unique element to your student pad.

Place flowers in a uniquely designed watering can for extra style points!


So there you have it – follow these tips and you can have the stylish, lively student room you always dreamed of!

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